Clutch Recognizes Plan Z as a Top Social Media Marketing Company in Pakistan for 2021

Clutch Recognizes Plan Z as a Top Social Media Marketing Company in Pakistan for 2021


In today’s digital world, social media has opened great opportunities for businesses to succeed. Most significantly, people are spending most of their time using social media platforms. Thus with social media marketing, you can easily attract potential customers and improve your sales. And with Plan Z, we help elevate your brand online!

Plan Z Digital Marketing Agency

1. Focus on a Single Pain Point :

In today’s digital world, social media has opened great opportunities for businesses to succeed. Most significantly, people are spending most of their time using social media platforms. Thus with social media marketing, you can easily attract potential customers and improve your sales. And with Plan Z, we help elevate your brand online!

Founded in 2015, Plan Z focuses on designing exquisite digital products, brands, and experiences. Our professional and committed team strives to produce creative solutions that fit your business needs. We cater to companies of all sizes that aim to succeed in their respective industry.

Just recently, Clutch has announced their top B2B leaders in social media marketing services. Guess what? Plan Z is jumping for joy as we are listed as one of Pakistan’s top social media marketing companies for 2021.

2. Identify your Main Motive:

In the initial stage of the copywriting process, it is recommended to identify your goal behind writing a copy. It must be clear to you whether you want to sell a particular product or build a brand identity that will lead to multiple sales.
To determine your goal, you can ask yourself a few questions like:
• Do you want to sell one product?
• Would you like your customers to buy the upgraded version of your product?

• Do you want to build your brand identity and trust?

Answering the above questions will help you in the clarification of your goal and create a better copy that will provide the expected results.

3. Think from Customers’ Perspective:

It is said that when you are writing for everyone, you are writing for none.
So, while having your product in hand, you should know about your target audience. The better you understand your audience, the more effective copy you can create.
Learn about your customers’ age group, interests, desires, and needs. Even for a couple of minutes, think from the customers’ perspective as to what they might be expecting from you then write accordingly.
Read their minds to reach their pockets!

4. Keep it Simple:

Caution: Adding complicated words and creating a complex sales copy will draw your consumers away.
Certainly, not everyone has enough time to google your sales copy for a better understanding. However, it would be best to use a conversational tone to bring in more customers. The simpler and clearer the copy, the more revenue it will generate.
Moreover, focusing on the readability of your copy is crucial to keep the visitors on the content which will eventually lead them to buy your products.

5. Paint a Picture:

Tell a story, share an assumption. Try to paint a picture and drive your customers through the scenario to make them buy your product in the end.
For example, you want to sell a sofa cum bed.
Read this: “You couldn’t afford to buy a huge house so you decided to buy a two-bed apartment. You kept one room for you and the other one for your kids. Suddenly, your uncle and his family came for a visit to your place. You didn’t have bought any sofa due to the small space. Well, you won’t need to get worried if you have sofa cum beds in your rooms. Turn your bedroom into a drawing-room anytime!”

6. Solve the ‘But Ifs’:

While you take your audience towards the buying action, ensure to solve all the objections that might come in the way. Indeed, it’s natural that the closer the customers come towards the checkout process, the more questions and objections pop up in their minds.
For instance:
• Is the product worthy enough?
• Is it long-lasting?
• Is it replaceable?
• Do I need it?
While writing your copy, include answers to all the questions that you think might appear in your consumers’ minds. Eliminate all the reasons that go against your product!

7. Don’t Sell Products, Sell Benefits:

It would be best to focus on the benefits that come with your product rather than simply listing out the product’s features.
Although your customers might be already aware of your product’s features, they won’t buy it necessarily without understanding its benefits. To make more sales, connect the benefits that your product offers with its features.
Indeed, your sales copy must represent:
• The possible gains after buying your product
• The possible regrets after rejecting your offer

8. Read it Loudly & Record:

After writing the copy, try to read it out loudly. This way, you can point out the grammatical mistakes and poor content flow in the copy. Moreover, you can track the level of readability. Ensure that you don’t get stuck anywhere while reading the sales copy before publishing it in front of your audience.
Additionally, recording the copy in your voice and listening to it will give you a better idea of its effectiveness. If it convinces you to buy the product, it will convince your audience too.

9. Prefer Short over Long:

Use as much fewer words as possible. The more concise the copy, the more sales it makes.
Indeed, creating a sales copy is not a one-time process. It demands a lot of editing, deletion, and addition of words before it reaches the eyes of your customers. Here applies the idea of quality over quantity.
Wherever possible, replace a page with a paragraph, a paragraph with a sentence, a sentence with a phrase, and a phrase with a word.

10. Never Repeat!

Be clear with your idea and state it only once. Avoid using different ways to convey the same message now and then.
Believe Me! People aren’t attracted by long stories but short summaries, so are your customers. Hence, work on writing an effective single statement rather than a paragraph that keeps repeating the same offer.
Keep your offer direct and concise.

Plan Z Digital Marketing Agency

11. Use the Power of Numbers:

In case you didn’t know Clutch, it is an established B2B reviews platform that helps firms across the globe connect with the solution providers they need to improve effectiveness and increase productivity. Throughout the year, Clutch highlights its highest-ranking firms across industries and locations. The Clutch Leader Awards recognize companies’ commitment to building their expertise, providing stellar customer service, and producing high-quality results for clients.

Here’s what our CEO had to say about:

“We are extremely proud to have helped AGP Limited to secure the second position in Annual Report Awards 2021 and hoping to secure first next year. We have launched our in-house product – Trawell, and working on several projects that are under wraps. We look forward to another exciting year ahead.”

— CEO, Plan Z

With that said, we extend our sincerest gratitude to the whole team for this award. We can’t wait for the beautiful opportunities this will bring us. Of course, we also express our heartfelt thanks to our amazing clients for taking the time to leave us reviews. Without you, this would not have been possible.

12. ‘Sell’ isn’t Enough Captivating:

As discussed above, your customers are attracted more towards the benefits than the product itself. When you say that you are selling, it doesn’t hit the emotional needs of your audience. Hence, tell them what benefits you are offering.
You can do this by replacing the ‘sell’ word with more powerful words like inspire, eliminate, level up, etc.
For instance:
• We eliminate the need of hiring individual experts (when selling various services)
• We inspire people to look different and classy at the same time (when selling attires)

13. Before-After Bridge Formula Works!

When writing a copy, pen down the problem. Secondly, state the solution, and lastly, tell how your product can solve the problem efficiently.
Surprisingly, the before-after bridge formula plays a game with the minds of your audience. It ensures them that their problem is understood. Next, it tells them the solution while convincing them that there can be no problem-solver better than your product.
Indeed, when you’ll start with stating the problem, the user will read it till the end to reach the solution.
Don’t sell products, solve problems!

14. Technical Terms Sound Good:

Adding technical terms in your copy creates a great impact on your audience. However, this might confuse you with the effectiveness of Tip # 4. Well, let me make it clear!
Don’t satiate your sales copy with difficult words but use a couple of technical terms to add some interest and attraction to your copy.
Next time, when you create a copy, try to replace:
• Reliable with Authentic
• Helpful with Cooperative
• Apply with Implement

15. Add a Call-to-Action that Converts:

A compelling call-to-action at the end of the copy is vitally important. However, simply asking to ‘Click and Buy’ or ‘Order Now’ won’t work.
Instead, add a powerful benefit to your call-to-action statement.
Try out these statements:
• Choose a combo of class and comfort
• Learn today, earn tomorrow
• Elegance isn’t always expensive


Writing a copy is never easy. However, by following certain expert copywriting tips, one can create a better copy that generates more revenue. Remember, the copy that sells is based upon honesty and trust. It should offer no more or less than your actual product. Make it concise, readable, compelling, and effective enough to bring in more customers. Once you’ve got your sales increased, use some amazing business toolsfor better task management.

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